Xymphonia No. 425 15 April 2001

Martin Ansell Big drum 425  
Derek Sherinian La pera loca 425 New
Derek Sherinian Astroglide 425 New
Dave Mathews Band Sleep to dream her 425 New
Dave Mathews Band What you are 425 New
Pallas Insomniac (live) 425 New
Pallas East west (live) 425 New
Sarah Pillow Exulta, filia sion 425 New
Latte E. Miele Passio Secundum Matheum 425 Part I
Ice Age a Thousand years 425  
Saga Only human 425 live-tip
Marillion The Web 425 live-tip
Divine Comedy Lost property 425 New
David Sancious Valley of the shadow 425  
The watch DNA alien 425  
Kayak Anne ( acoustic) 425  
Mostly Autumn Mother nature 425  

Xymphonia No. 427 29 April 2001

Rush Subdivisions 427  
Bob Catley The wraith of the rings 427 New
Bob Catley Emissary 427 New
Turbulence Storm 427 New
Turbulence The eye of the storm 427 New
Turbulence Trickster 427 New
Tom McCrae You cut my hair 427 New
Tom McCrae The boy with the bubblegun 427 New
Ark Missing you 427  
Arkus 1914 427  
The Magic Elf Treetalk 427  
The Magic Elf Cobbler's quest 427  
Hooverphonic Everytime we live together we die a little bit more 427  
Jethro Tull Black Sunday 427 live-tip
Marillion Number1(live at the Brewery 427 2000
Magus Rif (edit) 427  
Family Melloaisy grey 427 Prehistory
Bruford Land's end 427  
John Lord Wait a while 427  
Iluvatar In the eye 427