Sunday 7 April 2002 Show No. 475
Band Title Item
Kansas Diamonds and pearls  
Trey Gunn Band Tehlikeli madde New
Ty Tabor Safety New
Daryl Stuermer Waiting in the wings New
Genesis Duchess  
Discipline Diminished New
Planet X Inside black New
David Sylvian Campfire  
Marillion Seasons end  
Band Title Item
Yes Finally  
Magnum On a storyteller's night live-tip
RPWL In your dreams live-tip
Duncan Browne Ragged rain life Rerealease
Jeremy Cubert Proj. Happy the fan  
Kaipa The name belongs to you  
Steve Hunt Wring  it out  
Clepsydra Travel of a dream (part II)  

Sunday 14 April 2002 Show No. 476

Band Title Item
Crack the Sky Hot razor in my hand Rerelease
Crack the Sky Song of Sovjet sons Rerelease
Interference Sardines Luthier sportif New
Interference Sardines Mare Crisium New
IQ Leap of faith  
Tony Levin Dog one New
Tony Levin Ever the sun will rise New
Roger Daltry The song is over  
The Church Aura  
Band Title Item
Big Bang Theory Stellar space  
Timothy Pure Safe live-tip
Mostly Autumn Half the mountain live-tip
Steve Morse Band Heightened Awareness New
Dixie Dregs Holiday  
Porcupine Tree Voyage 34 ( live )  
Galadriel Soft as a feather ( life )  
French TV Party the state  

Sunday 21 April 2002 Show No. 477

Band Title Item
RPWL You New
RPWL Home again New
Michelle Young Melissa's demise  
Anthony Philips The geese and the ghost  
Red Letter Another beautiful day  
Red Letter You sing  
Le Orme Il vento, il cielo e la notte  
Band Title Item
Roger Daltry The song is over  
Motorpsycho The other fool live-tip
Supertramp Crime of the century live-tip
Empire Shooting star  
Sagrado Ovniana  
Barbieri/Bowness Flame  
Happy the Man Starborne 25-years
Fish Tiki 4 live-tip

Sunday 28 April 2002 Show No. 478

Band Title Item
Yes Parallels  
Plackband Sign of th knife New
Plackband There come the warlords New
Porcupine Tree    
Graig Armsrong Starless 2 New
Globalys Eagle & Bacon New
Jibilian / Glass Tango tingo New
Cosmo Squad Stretch dog  
Arc Angel-Cannata Kings of the nations  
Band Title Item
National Health The collapso  
Timothy Pure Finders keepers live-tip
RPWL Waiting for a smile live-tip
Porcupine Tree Up the downstairs New
Kaleidoscope Epitaph  
Echolyn a Habit worth forming  
Taurus Meadow  
Groovector Melange