Sunday 30 April 2006 Show No. 685
Band Titel Item
Earth & Fire 21st century show Item
Saga Back to the shadows Nieuw
Saga On the other side Nieuw
Sonic Music Sonic symphony Nieuw
Sonic Music Ancient hieroglyphics Nieuw
Pallas Cut & run Nieuw
Tunnels The hidden dimension Nieuw
OSI Gone now Nieuw
Neu See land  
Band Titel Item
Pendragon Victims of life/Higher circles live-tip
Danny Cavanagh River man live-tip
Satellite Evening games live-tip
Fish Moving targets Nieuw
Fish Goldfish and clowns Nieuw
Genesis The lamb introduction Item
Genesis The lamb lies down on Broadway Item
Nektar It’s all over  

Sunday 23 April 2006 Show No. 684

Band Titel Item
T.Robinson&J.Jakszyk What have I ever done to you  
Tony Levin Break it down Nieuw
Tony Levin Utopia Nieuw
French Tv Theme from Espn X-theme Cobalt Blue 4 ''X4'' Nieuw
No-Man Day in the trees Nieuw
No-Man The break up for real(drum-mix) Nieuw
Anyone's Daughter Envy  
Band Titel Item
Saga The flyer  
Marillion Waterhole/Lord of the backstage live-tip
Magenta Envy live-tip
Bill Burke Where'd our ball go?  
Bill Burke Trying to understand other people  
Ain Soph Villa Adriana  
Ain Soph The valley of Lutha  
Mostly Autumn First thought/ passengers  

Sunday 16 April 2006 Show No. 683

Band Titel Item
Kansas Freaks of nature  
Blue Nile Easter parade  
Jon Durant Easter  
The Gathering Waking hour Nieuw
The Gathering a Noise severe Nieuw
Soft machine Song of aelous Nieuw
Soft machine Bundles live-tip
KTU Absinthe Nieuw
Paatos Is that All prelist.
Band Titel Item
Koninklijke Luchtmacht The show must go on live-tip
Foreigner Star rider live-tip
Tom Griesgraber Ahab live-tip
Rick wakeman Men in suits Nieuw
Rick wakeman Can you smell the burning Nieuw
Moonsafari Doorway  

Sunday 9 April 2006 Show No. 682

Band Titel Item
B.J.H. Love on the line  
Brighteye Brison Stories Nieuw
Brighteye Brison Patterns Nieuw
Valentine Mickey Nieuw
Valentine Now or never Nieuw
Mikromidas Trollmann Nieuw
Mikromidas Krigsmann Nieuw
Yes Changes (live) Nieuw
Iona Light reflected  
Band Titel Item
Journey Separate ways  
Supersister Present from Nancy (live) live-tip
King Eider Somateria spectabilis Nieuw
King Eider King of ducks Nieuw
Ain Soph Ride on a camel Remaster
Toto  Home of the brave  

Sunday 2 April 2006 Show No. 681

Band Titel Item
Supertramp Dreamer  
Queensrÿche If I could change it all Nieuw
Queensrÿche an International confrontation Nieuw
Queensrÿche a Junkie's blues Nieuw
KVASAR Choir of life Nieuw
KVASAR Spirit of time Nieuw
Gentle Giant I' am turning around Nieuw
Gentle Giant Just the same Nieuw
Gentle Giant Playing the game Nieuw
Cyan Solitary angel  
Band Titel Item
Marillion Lavender blue  
The New Tony williams Lifetime Wildlife live-tip
The Flower Kings Lucy had a dream live-tip
Magic Fish Little jailbird live-tip
Vanden Plas Wish you were here Nieuw
The Flaming Lips My cosmic autumn rebellion Nieuw
The Flaming Lips Pompeii am Gotterdammerung Nieuw
Anglegard Vnadringar I vilsenhet