Sunday 29 April 2007 Show No. 735
Band Titel Item
Enorm The reason Live-tip
Rush Far cry Nieuw
Rush The main monkey business Nieuw
Jim Steele Moonshot Nieuw
Jim Steele Blue ice injection Nieuw
PFM Il sgno di Leonardo  
Little Feat Day at the dog races  
King Crimson Fracture  
Band Titel Item
Roger Waters The bravery of being out of range Live-tip
Marillion Kayleigh (27/9/90) Live-tip
Fisher Z Pretty Paracetamol Live-tip
Pictures of the Moon interview Live-tip
Pictures of the Moon Black roses Nieuw
Sylvan Presets Live-tip
Anathema Destiny is dead/Make it right Live-tip
Husky Rescue New light of tomorrow Live-tip
Magnum When the world comes down Live-tip

Sunday 22 April 2007 Show No. 734

Band Titel Item
Pride of Lions Tall ships  
Tangerine Dream Shape my sin Nieuw
Tangerine Dream a Dream of death Nieuw
Rabih Rihana Life story Nieuw
Rabih Rihana For love Nieuw
Marillion The Wound  
Adam Sturtevant's Porous Orchestra Desperation Nieuw
Willowglass Garden  
Band Titel Item
The Church The ungarded moment Live-tip
Kashmir Ether Live-tip
Genesis In that quite earth… re-issue
M.Tsuchiya/K.Morrison Visions of china Cover
Arild Andersen Solfager og ormekongjen  
National Health Clock and clouds  
KBB Nessa no kioka  

Sunday 15 April 2007 Show No. 733

Band Titel Item
Kayak Close to the fire  
Porcupine Tree My ashes Nieuw
Porcupine Tree Sleep together Nieuw
Jon Durant Sparse fragments 3 Nieuw
Jon Durant Here comes the flood Nieuw
Dial Candyland Nieuw
Dial Wish it away Nieuw
Tom Mc crae Picture clear  
Sylvan One step beyound Live-tip
Band Titel Item
M.M.E.B. Nature of the beast Live-tip
Peter Gabriel Sky blue Live-tip
Steve Thorne Crossfire Live-tip
Espers Mansfield and cyclops  
Ippu Do Secret party  
Ippu Do Violation  
Pride of Lions Turnaround  
Stomu Yasmashta Solitude / nature  
Anekdoten Ricochet  

Sunday 8 April 2007 Show No. 732

Band Titel Item
Yes Yours is no disgrace  
Marillion Most toys IN
interview deel 1 T
Marillion Thank you, whoever you are E
interview deel 2 R
Marillion The last century for man V
interview deel 3 I
Marillion See it like a baby E
Eloy Awakening/between the lines W
Band Titel Item
The church Metropolis Live-tip
Lana Lane Nevermore/a place in time Live-tip
Counter-world Experience Eurobeat Nieuw
Ben Granfelt Band So much easier Nieuw
Rainbow Theatre The Armada Rerelease
Genesis Dance on a vulcano Live-tip
Genesis Los endos Live-tip

Sunday 1 April 2007 Show No. 731

Band Titel Item
Knight Area Mastermind Nieuw
Knight Area a Different man Nieuw
Thought Chamber Sacred Treasure Nieuw
Thought Chamber Transmigration of souls Nieuw
Carptree Pressure Nieuw
Carptree Evening sadness Nieuw
Yello Desire Remaster
Yello Ciel ouvert Remaster
Band Titel Item
Steve Hackett Group therapy  
Marillion See it like a baby Live-tip
Rush  The trees Live-tip
Kiko Loureiro Ojos verdes Nieuw
Anna Ternheim Intro / Girl laying down Nieuw
Anna Ternheim Lovers dream Nieuw
Alan Moorse Major buzz Pre-release
Brett Garset Friend or foe  
Poor Genetic Material Watercolours