Xymphonia No. 457

2 december 2001



Spock's Beard Beware of Darkness 457 In memoriam
Anyone's Daughter Helios 457 New
Anyone's Daughter Danger world 457 New
Anyone's Daughter Ill never walk that road again 457 New
Giant Can't let go 457 New
Nexus Despertar dentro de un sueno (metanoia nivel 1) 457 New
Nexus La tentacion del mundo 457 New
Baltimoore Ballerina 457 New
Baltimoore Try change to better 457 New
Blue Oyster Cult The reaper 457  
Concertagenda 457  
The Beatles Here comes the sun 457 In memoriam
Dare Belief 457 live-tip
One Shot M.D.M. 457 New
Joran Rudess Quantum soup 457  
You Were Spiraling Hopeful 457  
Rush Xanadu 457  

Xymphonia No. 458

9 december 2001



Camel Rhayader / Rhayader goes to town 458  
Jadis Wonderful world 458 New
Jadis Comfortably numb 458 New
Karda Estra Super Electrical 458 New
Karda Estra Eve - 7:37 458 New
John Goodsall Proj. Measure the sky 458 New
John Goodsall Proj. Here I am now 458 New
Pavlov's dog Did you see him cry 458  
Wishbone Ash Blowing free 458 live-tip
Mostly Autumn Heroes never die 458 live-tip
Uhriah Heep Circle of hands 458 live-tip
Supersister a Girl named You 458 New
Supersister She was naked 458 New
LaBrie's Mullmuzzler Afterlife 458  
Journey Destiny 458  
IQ Intelligence quotient 458  

Xymphonia No. 459

16 december 2001



The December People Up On The Housetop/ 459  
The December People Deck The Halls 459  
Dream Theater The Great Debate 459 New
Al Stewart One Stage Before 459 re-release
Allan Holdsworth The Duplicate Man (intro) 459 New
Allan Holdsworth Snow Moon 459 New
War & Peace Stay On My Mind 459  
Roland Jenster Overture 459  
Toto Child's Anthem 459  
Magenta Genetisis 459 New
Passport Angel Wings 459 Jazz Rock
Isildurs Bane Overtyr 459 The Lord Of The Rings
Barclay James Harvest Galadriel 459 The Lord Of The Rings
Isildurs Bane Tom Bombadill 459 The Lord Of The Rings
Anyone's Daughter Moria 459 The Lord Of The Rings
Isildurs Bane Ringarnas Harskare II 459 The Lord Of The Rings
Michael Manring Renegade Intellectuals 459 The Lord Of The Rings

Xymphonia No. 460

23 december 2001



Magnum On Chrismas day 460  
December People We three Kings of Orient are 460 New
December People Twas the night before Chr.mas 460 New
The Lens Sleep until you wake 460 New
The Lens Childhood's end 460 New
The Lens Choosing a farmer (prt3) 460 New
Mercury Rev The dark is rising 460 New
Mercury Rev Lincoln's eyes 460 New
Horslips I'll be waiting 460 '70
Kayak Miracle Man 460 live-tip
K.Gilbert & J.Brooke Emmanuel 460  
Marillion Seasons end 460  
Persephone's Dream Endymion 460 New
Cyril Achard Exile is over 460  
Peter Hammill This side of the looking glass 460  
Max Webster Sun voices 460 New
Alan Case I wonder why 460  
Anathema a Fine day to exit 460 New

Xymphonia No. 461

30 december 2001



The Fireworks Stowaway 461  
Ronny Heimdal Neo nostalgie 461 New
Ronny Heimdal Carbaresq No. 1 461 New
Ronny Heimdal Tiaatte 461 New
Sylvan No way out 461 live-tip
H Cage 461 live-tip
Jadis Hear us 461 live-tip
Vitamin Z (How far to) Queensland 461  
Kansas II Hegemonium 461 Rarerity
Grobschnitt Drummer's Dream 461  
Symphony X The divine wings of tragedy 461 live-tip
Empire Spread my wings 461 New
Empire Different sign 461 New
Max Webster Sun voices 461  
Max Webster Moon voices 461  
Sigur Ros Bíum bíum bambaló 461