Sunday 1 December 2002 Show No. 509
Band Titel Item
Marillion Punch & Judy  
California Guitar Trio Greensleeves New
California Guitar Trio Merry Chr. Mr. Lawrence New
Freeway Jam Man or child New
Kayak Icarus  
James LaBrie's Mullm. Stranger  
Camel Mother road  
C.Nolan/O. Wakeman Call to arms  
C.Nolan/O. Wakeman Finale  
Band Titel Item
Duncan Sheik Start again  
Anathema Pressure live-tip
Saga Watching the clock live-tip
Saga We'll meet again live-tip
J.Rieley/M.Botman America  
J.Rieley/M.Botman Much to discover  
J.Rieley/M.Botman No rain but me  
Egdon Heath Medley  
Wappa Gappa The one and only  
John Wetton Emma  

Sunday 8 December 2002 Show No. 510

Band Title Item
Geddy Lee My favorite headache  
Kenso Isolated Jiro New
Kenso The understanding New
Kenso a Grim diary New
Peter Hammill Crossed wires New
Peter Hammill This is the fall New
Porty Glue trap New
Porty a Distant shore New
Frank Zappa Filthy habits New
Frank Zappa Carolina hard-Core extasy New
Kansas Hope once again  
Band Title Item
Quidam New name live-tip
Brand X Hate zone  
Anglagard Sista somrar  
The Wave Room Love medicine  
Paatos Tea  
5uu's Well..not chickenshit  
Earth & Fire To the world of the future  

Sunday 15 December 2002 Show No. 511

Band Title Item
Timelock The road to babylon New
Timelock Redskindian New
Group Therapy Incidents in Damascus New
Yes We have heaven / Southside of the sky New
King Black Acid Gentle Collapse New
Mc Gill,Manring,Stevens Cash from chaos New
Mc Gill,Manring,Stevens a Darkness falls upon us New
Yngwie Malmsteen Eclipse live-tip
Band Title Item
Tristan park Once you've been to heaven  
Radiohead Optimistic  
Lady Lake Between Bremen and Hamburg  
Y.Guddal & T.Matte Evidence of autumn  
Sunblind Lion Observer
Echolyn Wintertru  
Spock's Beard Freak boy/All is vanity/ I'm dying  

Sunday 22 December 2002 Show No. 512

Band Title Item
Magnum On Christmas day X-Mass
The December people What child is this X-Mass
California Guitar Trio Jingle bells X-Mass
Deep Thought Shadows of the pat New
Procol Harum Simple sister Re-issue
Procol Harum Luskus Delph Re-issue
Arabesque We (the farmer song) New
Neil Schon Night spirit  
B.J.H. Child of the universe  
Band Titel Item
Queensr├┐che Neue regel live-tip
Blunstone & Argent Home live-tip
E.L.P. I Believe Father Christmas X-Mass
Moody Blues Nights in white satin ''70
Horslips Drive the cold winter away / ride to hell ''70
Lyle Workman Lionhearted Jazz Rock
Ed Kuepper The Christmas cake X-Mass
Yes Endless dream  

Sunday 29 December 2002 Show No. 513

Band Title Item
Journey State of grace  
Audiosynchrocy You, he, she, it! New
Audiosynchrocy Road to Europe New
Ketil Bjornstad Before the light no. 1 New
Ketil Bjornstad Taipai nights no. 1 New
Zonda Project El Llanto secreto de la luna New
Zonda Project El Equilibrio New
Devil Doll Dies irae  
Band Title Item
Fyreworks Stowaway  
Peter Hammill Shingle live-tip
Within temptation Our farewell  
Pink Floyd Goodbye blue sky, empty spaces, what shall we do  
Iona Dome of Harlech  
Iona Jigs  
Camel La princess perdue  
Freur Doot-doot  
Zello Flag of convenience