Sunday 26 February 2006 Show No. 676
Band Titel Item
Asturias Clairvoyance  
The observatory My whole life Nieuw
The observatory A Good thing Nieuw
Andreas Vollenweider The stone (close up)  
Andreas Vollenweider Flight feet & Root hands  /  Mother of peace  
Michael Manring  Helios Nieuw
Primitive Instinct Crashing down   
However Beese  
Karnataka The right time  
Band Titel Item
Journey Higher place live-tip
Pink Floyd Wearing inside out live-tip
Jim Black AlasNoAxis Aloe evra live-tip
The Who The song is over  
Camel Dust bowl/go west/dusted bowl/mother road  
Farlanders Gathering grass  
Satellite Take it as it is  
UK Nevermore  

Sunday 19 February 2006 Show No. 675

Band Titel Item
Simon Apple Significance  
David Cross Valley of the Kings Nieuw
David Cross I buy silence Nieuw
No-Man Returning Jesus  
Marillion Chelsea Monday (live)  
Michael Thompson Stoolen sunset  
Woodenhead Buzz beat  
Eloy Silhouette  
Alquin The hitman  
Band Titel Item
Controlled bleeding Broadway melody  
Roger Waters Time (+breathe-reprise) live-tip
Mangala Valis The mask live-tip
Mostly Autumn Carpe diem live-tip
H Song to the siren live-tip
Timothy Pure Behind the front / channels  
Joe Satriani Chords of live  

Sunday 12 February 2006 Show No. 674

Band Titel Item
Toto falling in between Nieuw
Toto No end in sight Nieuw
W2Warthog Day after day Nieuw
W2Warthog Nocturnal steps Nieuw
Anja Garbarek Can I keep him? Nieuw
Anja Garbarek Word is out Nieuw
S.Cornelissen/F.Vollink Me and Freddy Nieuw
S.Cornelissen/F.Vollink Bramcote road Nieuw
Terje Rypdal You're making it personal Nieuw
Alquin The hitman  
Band Titel Item
Shooting Star Don't stop now  
Wishbone Ash The king will come live-tip
The Gathering Stonegarden live-tip
The Tangend The first day at school  
Scott Walker Rawhide Rerelease
The dutch Another sunny day Rerelease
John&Vangelis I hear you now  
Amorphous Androgynous Yo-yo / Goodbye sky  
Soft Machine Pigling bland  

Sunday 5 February 2006 Show No. 673

Band Titel Item
Jadis Make me move  
Simon Says Chapter V  Minds of mortal men - meander tales Nieuw
Side Steps Edge trigger Nieuw
Man On Fire The rain and the rainbow  
Man On Fire Hanglider  
Alquin The hitman  
Band Titel Item
Saga On the air live-tip
Mostly Autumn The eyes of forest live-tip
Marillion This is the 21st century live-tip
Genesis Ripples  
Caravan The love in your eye  
Jaga Jazzist Stardust hotel  
Tribute Leaves are falling