Sunday 25 February 2007 Show No. 726
Band Titel Item
Saga Its time (chapter 3)  
James Sudakow Purple Nieuw
James Sudakow Green Nieuw
Tessa Drummond Light  Nieuw
Tessa Drummond Sold Nieuw
Blowbeat Sand Nieuw
Starcastle Love is the only place Nieuw
Starcastle All for the thunder Nieuw
B.J.H. She said  (live)  
Band Titel Item
Europe Never say die Live-tip
King Crimson a Sailor's tale In Mem
Ippu - Do Escape  
Ippu - Do Electric doll  
Ippu - Do Helpless soldier  
John Martin Grace and danger Rerelea.
John Martin Hurt in your heart Rerelea.
Khan Stargazers  
Vangelis See you later  

Sunday 18 February 2007 Show No. 725

Band Titel Item
Soft Machine Nettle Bed Rerelease
PFM Cyber Alpha Nieuw
PFM Visioni Di Archimede Nieuw
Electric Light Orchestra Night In The City Rerelease
Electric Light Orchestra The Whale Rerelease
Moongarden Lucifero Nieuws
Argent I Am The Dances Of Ages Rerelease
Gazpacho Massive Illusion Nieuw
Band Titel Item
Ryan Parmenter Diamond Eggshell  
Van Der Graaf The Habit Of The Broken Heart Live-tip
Peter Primamore Free Western Nieuw
Peter Primamore Windswept Nieuw
Mr. So & So Coup De Grace  
Danny O'Keefe She Said "Drive On, Driver" singsong
Strange Days A Unanimous Decision Rerelease
Fire Merchants The Last Future jazzrock

Sunday 11 February 2007 Show No. 724

Band Titel Item
Marillion Splintering heart  
Steve Thorne Wayward Nieuw
Steve Thorne Hounded Nieuw
Galahad Ance Nieuw
Galahad Empires never last Nieuw
Patrick Watson Close to paradise Nieuw
Patrick Watson Daydreamer Nieuw
Jason Hart Israel  
The Church The theatre and its double  
Band Titel Item
Mostly Autumn Ghost in dreamland Live-tip
Steve Hogarth You're gone Nieuw
Steve Hogarth The whole of the moon Nieuw
Steve Hogarth Burning you inside Nieuw
Shane Fontayne Weight of the world  
Shane Fontayne Cut from the world  
S.Whitaker/F. Wyatt Pink sky  
Corrado Rustici Spirals of light  
The Alan Parsons Project Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether  
Camel Never let go  
Kansas Miracles out of knowhere  

Sunday 4 Febuary 2007 Show No. 723

Band Titel Item
John Wetton Sole survivor  
The Alan Parson Proj Hyper-gamma-spaces Aktueel
The Alan Parson Proj Shadow of the lonely man Aktueel
Camel Lies Aktueel
Lightspeed Breath waway  
Lightspeed One last time  
Gavin Friday & the Friday-Seezer Ensemble Beware..for wolves come in many..  
J.Lancaster/R.Lumley The Rock "Peter and the wolf"  
Jethro Tull The whistler  
The Tea Party Requiem  
Band Titel Item
Yes Owner of a lonely heart  
Mostly Autumn Ghost in dreamland live-tip
Lana Lane Without you live-tip
Roger  Waters Each small candle live-tip
Brand X II Can-utility and the coastliners Cover
Neil Zaza Lost in your dream  
Sylvan The colors changed  
Rush La villa strangiato