Sunday 25 January 2004 Show No. 568
Band Titel Item
Brian McDonald When the lightning strikes  
Syrinx Emanescence New
Gonzalo Farrugia Suite Rioplatense New
Birdsongs of the mesozoics The iridium controversy: After New
Birdsongs of the mesozoics This way out New
king Crimson In the court of the Crimson King 35 years
Sandrose Underground session  
Band Titel Item
Steve Vai I would love to live-tip
Ange Hymn of life Reissue
Conjure one feat.J.Martin Premonition  
Within Temptation Dark Wings  
Honeymoon Suite The way I do  
Vic Chessnutt Wren's Nest  
Galaxy - Lin Ode to the highways  
Galahad Ghost of Durtal  

Sunday 18 January 2004 Show No. 567

Band Titel Item
Andy Rinehart Book of rules  
Steve Morse where are you? New
Steve Morse Organically grown New
Steve Morse Abracadab New
Solution Science Systems Tomorrow's dreams today New
Anand Return from the red bananaworld live-tip
Alan parsons Proj. Vulture culture  
Moongarden Castles of sand  
Joe Satriani Flying in a blue turtle (live)  
Band Titel Item
Trion The new moon  
Trion Interview  
Trion Hindsight  
Trion Interview  
Trion Jemetrion  
Trion Interview  
Gong I never glid before  
Greenslade Bedside manners are extra  
Frank Zappa Wild love  

Sunday 11 January 2004 Show No. 566

Band Titel Item
Pride of Lions It's criminal New
Pride of Lions Music and me New
Marillion Neverland New
Frameshift Off the ground New
Frameshift Above the grass New
Tim Christensen No easy key New
Tim Christensen Don't leave me but leave me alone New
B.J.H. Maestoso Rerelease
Band Titel Item
Kayak At Athur's court  
DreamTheater Lifting shadow off a dream live-tip
Teitur Sleeping with the light on New
Teitur Josephine New
Sixnorth The enneagram New
Mongol Garadama  
Shadowfax a Song for my brother  
Bubu Suenos de maniqui  

Sunday 4 January 2004 Show No. 565

Band Titel Item
Kaipa Lifetime of a journey H
KBB Backside edge e
King Crimson The power to believe t
Bruce Cockburn Trickle down  
Carptree Host vs. Gaft b
Isildurs Bane Eyes e
The Tangent The canterbury sequence s
kayak The Oterhworld t
Neal Morse It's All I Can Do e
Band Titel Item
Frogg Café Gagutz v
Brett Garsed Undoing a
Brian McDonald Proj. Unfinished bridges n
Spock's beard Carry on  
Anekdoten Ricochet 2
Tom McCrae Mermaid blues 0
Enchant Beautiful 0
Alquin Sweet surrender 3
Satelite Now