Sunday 28 January 2007 Show No. 722
Band Titel Item
Peter Gabriel Red rain  
iX Ocaso Nieuw
iX Hombres Honorables Nieuw
Ryan Parmenter Keep crying Nieuw
Ryan Parmenter Dream Nieuw
Ryan Parmenter Come along Nieuw
Gizmo Hey you Aktueel
Eloy Follow the light  
Band Titel Item
Arc Angel/Cannata Stars  
Marillion One fine day live-tip
Marillion Just for the record live-tip
Steve Thorn Therapy live-tip
Marillion Let it be live-tip
Marillion The space live-tip
Suzanna&the Magical Orch. Love will tear us apart  
Rick Wright Reaching for the rail  
Epica Cry for the moon  

Sunday 21 January 2007 Show No. 721

Band Titel Item
The police Synchronicity  
S. whitaker/F Wyatt Turning my head Nieuw
S. whitaker/F Wyatt Pedal giant animals Nieuw
Pain of Salvation Kingdom of loss Nieuw
Nova Night games Remast.
Emiliana Torrini Gollum's song  
Landmarq Between sleeping and dreaming  
Band Titel Item
A.C.T. Hope live-tip
Focus II Moving waves live-tip
Chelson Wells Interview  
Chelson Wells Insomnia live-tip
Chelson Wells Interview  
Patrick Moraz The story of  I   
Joe Satriani Ten words  
Genesis Home by sea/second home by sea live-tip

Sunday 14 January 2007 Show No. 720

Band Titel Item
Blackfield Blackfield live-tip
D.Gilmour feat. R.Wright Arnold layne Nieuw
D.Gilmour feat. R.Wright Dark Globe Nieuw
Corrado Rustici Eros Nieuw
Corrado Rustici 100 Famous Notes Nieuw
Vienna Teng Blue Caravan Nieuw
Vienna Teng Pontchartrain Nieuw
Styx Just be Nieuw
Styx Chrystal ball Nieuw
Patrick Watson Shame  
Mike&The Mechanics Underscore  
Band Titel Item
Stream of Passion Passion live-tip
Mangrove   live-tip
Lady lake Interview Jan Dubbe L
Lady lake The Hulk A
Lady lake Interview Jan Dubbe D
Lady lake Lochem Y
Lady lake Interview Jan Dubbe L
Lady lake .. .. ..  A

Sunday 7 January 2007 Show No. 719

Band Titel Item
Kenso Wakuawaku valley H
Hectic Watermelon F. Street Fulano E
Cannata Wanted: dead or alive T
Jakko M. Jakszyk No one left to lie to  
The Beatles Strawberry fields forever B
Frost Black light machine E
Iona Sky maps S
Paatos Is that all T
Sylvan a Kind of eden E
Band Titel Item
The Tangent Lost in London V
Toto Dying on my frost A
Brother Ape Lunatic kingdom N
Proto Kow Picture this  
Brighteye Brison Stories ( reprise) 2
Shooting Star We're not alone 0
David Gilmour Where we start 0
Saga Trust 6
The Gathering Your troubles are over