Sunday 7 July 2002 Show No. 488
Band Title Item
The Moody Blues Higher And Higher Special:
Klaatu Around The Universe In 80 Days  
Pink Floyd Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun "Space,
Iona Heaven's Bright Sun The
Tom McRae 2nd Law Final
Camel Lunar Sea Frontier"
Happy The Man Starborn  
The Flower Kings Stardust We Are  Part 3  
Vangelis Chariots Of Fire (excerpt)  
Band Title Item
Enchant Under Fire New
Simon Says Fly In A Bottle New
Simon Says Aftermath New
Geoff Tate Flood New
Geoff Tate In Other Worlds New
Echolyn Mei New
Ambrosia And.../Somewhere I've Never Travelled  
Band Title Item
Sinister Street Lost For Words New
Sinister Street Through The Looking Glass New
Trilok Gurtu The Other Tune LiveTip
IZZ Knight Of Knights New
IZZ Another Door New
Bots Katsionis Exploration New
Bots Katsionis Cold Pale Skin New
Kelly Simonz Paradise Lost New

Sunday 14 July 2002 Show No. 489

Part One Kevin Gilbert Special  
Band Title Item
Kevin Gilbert Parade Special
Kevin Gilbert Staring Into Nothing  
Kevin Gilbert Circling Wind Kevin
NRG Frame By Frame Gilbert
Giraffe Imagemaker  
Toy Matinee Things She Said Special
Keith Emerson The Band Keeps Playing  
Kevin Gilbert Tears Of Aurdrey Kevin
Sheryl Crow Strong Enough Gilbert
Kevin Gilbert Miss Broadway  
Kaviar Pretty Special
Kevin Gilbert Long Days Life  
Kevin Gilbert Johnny's Last Song  
Part Two    
Band Title Item
Peter Gabriel Red Rain Remast
Planet X Moonbabies Nieuw
Planet X Ataraxia Nieuw
Sagrado Traveling Show Nieuw
Nektar Remember The Future pt.1 Remast
Far East Family Band River Of Soul WvM
Synergy The End Of An Era  
Part Tree    
Band Title Item
Mystery Bloom Soulmate Serenade Nieuw
Saens Babel Lights Nieuw
Pallas The Blinding Darkness Livetip
Galaxy-Lin Bizarre VEB
SFX April Showers JazzR
Camel Spirit In The Water (demo)  
Steve Hackett In Memoriam Slot

Sunday 21 July 2002 Show No. 490

Band Title Item
Strangers on a Train Arrival Symply 1
Egdon Heath Message Symply 2
FAF Still loving you Symply10
Shadowland Painting by numbers Symply12
Landmarq Killing fields Symply14
Casino Prey Symply15
Wings of Steel Narrow minded Symply19
Collage Heroes cry Symply58
Timelock Comets rising Symply65
Band Title Item
Kayak See see the sun  
Pendragon Man of nomadic traits New
Pendragon 2:AM New
Angra Hunters and prey New
Ray Wilson Carpet crawlers New
Galaxy-Lin Look at my watch Re-issue
Galaxy-Lin Hunting song Re-issue
Alan Parsons Pr. Sirius  
Marillion Interior Lulu  
Band Title Item
 Wetton&Manzanera Round in circles  
The Gathering Rescue me  
Starcastle Fountains  
Singularity Lenses Monument
Mike Oldfield In dulci jubilo  
Galleon Lights  
PFM La quiete che verra  

Sunday 28 July 2002 Show No. 491

Band Title Item
Nick Drake Fruittree Special
Elton John/Mr.Reginald Day Is Done  
Brad Mehldau River Man Nick
Pendikel River Man Drake
Nick Drake At The Chime Of A City Clock  
Tim Bowness with Samuel Smiles Fly Special
Flashpapr Northern Sky  
Nick Drake Place To Be Nick
Gilbert Isbin Which Will Drake
Paul Greene (Free) Ride  
Nick Drake Clothes Of Sand Special
Shellyann Orphan Joey  
The Autumns with Simon Raymonde Time Of No Reply  
Scott Appel Birds Flew By  
Nick Drake Winter Is Gone  
Band Title Item
Trace Tabu  
Crack The Sky Coconuts New
Crack The Sky Zoom New
Brave New World Arabia New
Carnagie Worn Down Piano New
Hasse Bruniusson The Instrument For A Good Dressage New
Hasse Bruniusson A Clown's Opinion New
Paul Rose Part Of A Process New
Band Title Item
Interview Adventures  
Iona Castlerigg Livetip
Coldplay A Rush Of Blood to the Head New
Barclay James Harvest Dark Now My Sky prehistory
Barclay James Harvest Dark Now My Sky prehistory
David Sylvian River Man  
Esquire Blossomtime