Sunday 31 July 2005 Show No. 647
Band Titel Item
Blue Oyster Cult Black blade  
OdraReg Yv Oo5 fly Nieuw
The Underground railroad Halo Nieuw
The Underground railroad The Canel at sunset Nieuw
Dennis de Young Lady Nieuw
Styx a Criminal mind Nieuw
Dennis de Young & Styx Come sail away Nieuw
Ines New age down prelude  
Gary Fane Taurus  
Band Titel Item
IQ Darkest hour live-tip
Jaga Jazzist Swedenborgske rom live-tip
Arti & Mestieri Danza di Luna Nieuw
Iluvatar Favorite sun Nieuw
Lady Lake Radio Remeniscence  
Satellite Evening games  

Sunday 24 July 2005 Show No. 646

Band Titel Item
Porcupine Tree Even less  
Kenso Mediterranean and aryan Nieuw
Kenso Release yourself Nieuw
Kenso Taro to iu ikikata Nieuw
Wobbler Rubato industry Nieuw
Peter Ulrich The witchbottle of Suffolk Nieuw
Black Widow Part of a new day Nieuw
Galahad Belt up- Ever the optimist- The charlotte suite
Band Titel Item
Pain of Salvation Reconciliation  
Colin Blunstone Don't let the darkness touch you live-tip
Fusion for Miles Back seat Betty Nieuw
England Three peace suite reissue
Shadow Gallery Encrypted  
Lee Clayton I ride alone  
Iris Crossing the desert  

Sunday 17 July 2005 Show No. 645

Band Titel Item
Hugh Ferguson Booga Booga Boogie  
Steve Walsch Davey and the stone that rolled away Nieuw
Steve Walsch Pages of old Nieuw
Aries The eye of the storm Nieuw
Mike Pornoy Freedom of speech Nieuw
R.Bakken&W.Muthspiel No innocence  
Ines New age down prelude  
Pentwater Orphan girl Reissue
Band Titel Item
Arena Climbing the net live-tip
Van Der Graaf Gen. Wondering live-tip
Opeth Windowpane live-tip
Buggles Rainbow warrior  
Vienna Teng Harbor  
Vienna Teng My media  
Gentle Giant On reflection Rerelease
Gentle Giant Time to kill Rerelease
PFM + Pagani Orphan girl  

Sunday 10 July 2005 Show No. 644

Band Titel Item
Bruford Age of information  
Glass Hammer Lirazel Nieuw
Glass Hammer Having caught a glimpse Nieuw
T.Donocley&D.Bainbridge From silence part five Nieuw
Like Wendy Radioactive girl Nieuw
Like Wendy Subs Nieuw
Peter Hammill Phosphorescense  
Bob Catley This is the day  
Band Titel Item
Satellite No disgrace  
Pink Floyd Pigs (three different ones) live-tip
M.M.E.B. Pleasure and pain  
Nik Kershaw Live goes on  
Spock Beard Gibberish  
Brand X Macrocosm  
Sylvan Given - used - forgotten  

Sunday 3 July 2005 Show No. 643

Band Titel Item
Saga The perfectionist  
Eric Johnson Bloom Nieuw
Eric Johnson Sad legacy Nieuw
Gongzilla Ging gong Nieuw
Gongzilla Gongzilla Nieuw
Camel Song within a song Nieuw
Steve Morse Heightened awareness  
Johnny Cougar Let them run your lives Rerelea.
Johnny Cougar Goodnight Rerelea.
Joe Satriani Sleepwalk  
Galleon Land  
Band Titel Item
F.A.F. We can not..  
Bryan Ferry Sensation live-tip
Bryan Ferry Boys and girls Remast.
Yes Arriving UFO live-tip
Gino Vannelli Where am I going live-tip
Mostly Autumn Heroes never die live-tip
Toto After you're gone live-tip
Ayreon Carried by the wind  
Ayreon The dreamsequencer reprise