Sunday 30 July 2006 Show No. 698
The Collectors: What Love (Suite)  Van "The Collectors  
Television: Marquee Moon Van "Marque Moon"  
Teresa De Sio: La Storia Vera Di Lupita Mendera Van "Sindarella Suite"  
Do Make Say Think: If I Only… Van "Do Make Say Think"  
Elliott: Blue Storm/Genea Van "Song In The Air"  
Band Titel Item
Begintune + Reklame  
Rush Spirit on your radio  
Mew a Dark design Nieuw
Mew Saviours of jazz ballet Nieuw
Mew An envoy to the open fields Nieuw
Mew Small embulance Nieuw
Mew The sweeting rain weeps for you Nieuw
Electric Outlet Comprendes Nieuw
The Moody Blues Lovey to se you Remast.
The Moody Blues have you heard (orig. take) Remast.
The Moody Blues Are you sitting comfortably Remast.
Steven Wilson Cover version IV Nieuw
Guru Guru Space baby Reissue
Band Titel Item
Begintune + Reklame  
Archive You make me feel  
Porcupine Tree Stop swimming live-tip
Quidam An apple dream live-tip
Splinter interview Nieuws
Splinter Twist of fate Nieuws
Pocketful Behind thoughts part I Nieuw
Pocketful Under water Nieuw
Kenso Four holes in the ground  
Flamborough Head Mind-sculpture  

Sunday 23 July 2006 Show No. 697

Caravan - A Hunting We Shall Go    
Camel - First Light    
Barclay James Harvest - Medicine Man    
Schicke Fuhrs Frohling - Explorer / Wizard    
Al Stewart - On The Border    
Steve Hackett - Slogans    
Eloy - Shadow And Light    
Odyssice - Power Loc    
Band Titel Item
Begintune + Reklame  
Magnum Great adventure  
Frost Hyperventilate Nieuw
Frost No me no you Nieuw
Mellow Candle Silversong Nieuw
Mellow Candle Sheep season Nieuw
Mick Karn Red Film Nieuw
Mick Karn Chocolate was a boy Nieuw
Het Goede doel Iets van gevoel  
Journey Of a lifetime  
Band Titel Item
Begintune + Reklame  
Brother Ape Meatball tour Nieuw
Brother Ape Beams Nieuw
Jeff Martin World is calling Nieuw
Jeff Martin The kingdom Nieuw
The observatory Another passer-by  
The observatory Killing time  
Ilse DeLange I allways will  
Genesis The return of the giant Hogweed  

Sunday 16 July 2006 Show No. 696

In Memoriam Syd barrett    
- Introductie (Pow R Tok H)    
- Lucy Leave (1965 accetate)    
- Interstellar Overdrive    
- Arnold Layne    
- Vegetable Man (unreleased single)    
- Astronomy Domine    
- Bike    
- Jugband Blues    
- Dark Globe    
- Golden Hair    
- If it's in you    
- Dominoes (take one)    
- Dominoes    
- Wolfpack    
- Rats (take one false start)    
- Rats    
- Shine On part 2    
Band Titel Item
Saga Back o the shadows  
Altair Tiemo Dificiles Nieuw
Karcius Hypothése B Nieuw
Kerry Livgren Am juengsten tage  
Kerry Livgren The sentinel  
Minimum Vital Le chant du monde  
Pallas The last angel  
Band Titel Item
Magenta Hurt live-tip
Steve Hackett Hoping love will last  
Steve Hackett Land of a thousand autumns  
Steve Hackett Please don't touch  
Steve Hackett One day I'll fly away  
Arena  Empire of a thousand days  
Singularity Ebb & flow  
John Martyn Small hours  
Manual Gottsching Quasarsphere  

Sunday 09 July 2006 Show No. 695

Band Titel Item
Rupert Holmes You'll Love Me Again  
Pink Floyd Keep Talking Nieuw
Rush Manhattan Project Nieuw
Grobschnitt Severty Town Nieuw
The Moody Blues What Am I Doing Here? Reïssue
The Moody Blues A Simple Game Reïssue
Jeff Scott Soto Send Her My Love Nieuw
Ars Nova Escape  
Band Titel Item
Marillion Kayleigh  
Return To Forever The Magnician live-tip
Dixie Dregs I'm Freaking Out Reïssue
Dixie Dregs Hereafter Reïssue
Sylvan Posthumous Silence  
Alex Machacek Indian Girl (Meets Austrian Boy) Nieuw
White Willow Dusk City Prelisten
After Crying Wanna Be A Member WvM

Sunday 02 July 2006 Show No. 694

Band Titel Item
Sonic Music I'm Falling Down  
Frost Black Light Machine Preview
Susan Weinert Darkness Nieuw
Susan Weinert The Colours Of The Day Nieuw
The Moody Blues Love And Beauty Reïssue
IQ Common Ground  
Kopecky Eden's Flow Nieuw
Caravan With An Ear To The Ground You Can Make It Nieuw
Band Titel Item
Crusis Pollo Frito WvM
Return To Forever The Magnician live-tip
Jeff Beck Diamond Dust live-tip
Cannata Spirit Of The Four Winds  
Vangelis Alpha  
Brother Ape Lunatic Kingdom  
Steve Walsh Kansas