Sunday 29 June 2003 Show No. 538




Spock's Beard

Carry on


Spock's Beard

East of Eden, west of Memphis


Scapeland Wish

Misty's cage



Unspoken word


Tony Macalpine, Bunny Brunel, Dennis Chambers




World watching


Firth of Fith







Realidad o misantropia



Sinking Sand


Public Foot The Roman

Track 7

Flamborough Head

Bridge to the promised land

Jerry Goodman

Tears of joy

Ian Lloyd & Stories

Earthbound / Freefall

Sunday 22 June 2003 Show No. 537

Band Title Item
Crack the Sky Last time  
Mike Keneally Hello New
Mike Keneally Dee 'n' A New
Hands Leaving New
Jack Bruce Jet set jewel New
Jack Bruce Please New
Amarok Sueño Sueños New
Atlantis Forest  cathedral  
Band Title Item
Uhriah Heep Easy Livin' live - tip
Arrow Classic Rock Deep Purple, M.M.E.B., Wishbone Ash, Thin Lizzy, Status Quo live - tip
Carptree Host vs. Graft  
Allan Holdsworth San Onofre Rerelease
CPR At the edge  
Pink Floyd Yet another movie  
Ian Lloyd & Stories Earthbound / Freefall '70

Sunday 15 June 2003 Show No. 536

Band Title Item
A.C.T. Torn by a phrase garden  
Erik Norlander Lost Highway, Soma holiday, Return of the Neurosaur, Project blue prince reprise New
Vinnie Colaiuta / Robben Ford / Jimmy Haslip Going Home New
B.J.H. Poor Man's Moody Blues New
B.J.H. Medicine Man New
Queensrÿche Great divide New
Blue States Doublespeak  
CPR At the edge  
Band Title Item
KBB Hatenaki shoudou  
Univers Zero Heatwave  
E.L.O. Out of the blue  
Esperanto Eleanor rigby  
S.Harley & C.Rebel Ritz  
Hostsonaten Toward the sea  
E.L.P. Burning bridges  


Sunday 8 June 2003 Show No. 535

Band Title Item
Everon Face The World  
Spock's Beard Judge New
Spock's Beard Sids Boys Choir New
Spock's Beard Onomatopoeia New
Spock's Beard Ghosts Of Autumn New
Roxy Music Song For Europe New
Queensrÿche Is There Anybody Listening?  
The White Birch Breathe New
Landberk Tell  
Band Title Item
Jethro Tull Spiral Livetip
Ekseption Italian Concerto Livetip
Odyssice Losing Her New
Odyssice Power Loc New
Echolyn Memoirs From Between New
Grobschnitt Sonntag's Sonnabend  
Oxygene8 Larry's Lullaby (prelude) New
Oxygene8 Cathedral New

Sunday 1 June 2003 Show No. 534

Band Title Item
Kayak What's in a name  
Lana lane Don't try so hard New
Lana lane Weep in silence New
Niacin Bullet train blues New
Niacin One less worry New
Metaconciencia Bestiario New
Weird Al Yankovic Genius in France New
Kenso Umi New
Band Title Item
King Crimson Elephant talk live-tip
Ekseption Danse macabre live-tip
Rush Fear 1-4 Monument
Renaissance Carpet of the sun  
Happy the man Morning sun  
Somnabulist Pathos of leat resistance  
Alquin Darling Superstar live-tip