Sunday 26 June 2005 Show No. 642
Band Titel Item
Rush Earthshine  
Lady lake Dooh dah damage Nieuw
Lady lake Wet sounds Nieuw
Don Shift Under the olive tree Nieuw
Don Shift Inside the colour of dreams Nieuw
Al Stewart Rain barrel Nieuw
Al Stewart Somewhere in England 1915 Nieuw
Gentle Giant Way of life Remast.
Joe Satriani Sleep walk  
Band Titel Item
PTS Fading  
Frank Zappa Florentine Pogen Live-tip
Pink Floyd The happiest days of our lives Live-tip
Pink Floyd Another brick in the wall part 2 Nieuws
Martha and the Muffins Three hundred years / Chemistry Rerelea.
Martha and the Muffins Boys without filters Rerelea.
Martha and the Muffins Jet seem slower in London skies Rerelea.
Visions of an Inner Mountain Apocalypse Birds of fire Nieuw
Visions of an Inner Mountain Apocalypse Lila's dance Nieuw
Ayreon The dream sequencer (repr)  
Aemen Down  

Sunday 19 June 2005 Show No. 641

Band Titel Item
RPWL Crazy lane  
Camel Harbour of tears medley  
Archer Prewitt Cheap rhyme nieuw
Archer Prewitt O, Lord nieuw
Pink Floyd On the turning away  
Pink Floyd  The tide is turning  
Le Orme Vecchio  
Dave Bainbridge Over the waters  
Band Titel Item
Saga Remember when (chapter9) live-tip
Fish The lost pilot live-tip
Brian Eno Caught between nieuw
Brian Eno How many words nieuw
Dreamtheater Octavarium  
Strangers on a Train Silent companion  
Snowy White The journey  

Sunday 12 June 2005 Show No. 640

Band Titel Item
Glass Hammer Chronotheme  
J. Wetton&G. Downes Please change your mind Nieuw
J. Wetton&G. Downes Sleep angel Nieuw
Carptree This is home Nieuw
Carptree Sunshine waters Nieuw
Emmett Tinley Comfort me Nieuw
Emmett Tinley Killing the one I love Nieuw
La Torre Dell'Alchimistra La Torre Dell'Alchimistra Nieuw
Pallas Crown of thorns Nieuw
Band Titel Item
Journey Red 13  
John Miles Pull the damn thing down / Music   
Dream Theater Octavarium Nieuw
Lana Lane Redemption part 2 live-tip
Dimension X Xeno's paradox Nieuw

Sunday 5 June 2005 Show No. 639

Band Titel Item
ENorm Vitilogo Nieuw
ENorm Answers Nieuw
Art Rock Circus Tell a vision Nieuw
Steward Copeland Birds of pray Nieuw
Ozric Tentacles Sunhair  
Helmet of Gnats Chimps in space  
Pallas Crown of thorns Nieuw
Band Titel Item
Van Der Graaf Gen. Theme one live-tip
Roxy Music If there is something live-tip
Hamadryad Self made men / Gentle landslide Nieuw
Shadow Gallery Floydian memories  
John Miles Pull the damn thing down/Music