Sunday 28 March 2004 Show No. 577
Band Titel Item
Dilemma Rock Bottom  
Liquid Scarlett Greyroom New
Liquid Scarlett One Last Masquerade New
Opeth Closure New
Zero 7 Warm Sound New
Zero 7 Home New
Ozric Tentacles Toka Tola New
Ozric Tentacles Akasha New
Band Titel Item
Proto-Kaw Heavenly Man  
Mike & The Mechanics A House Of Many Rooms live-tip
Anekdoten SW4 live-tip
Laugingstock Things To Throw Of A Precipice New
Laugingstock Slow On Fast New
Rousseau Wednesday  
Elbow Fugitive Motel  
Banco Del Muluo Soccorso Niente è Piú Lo Stesso  

Sunday 21 March 2004 Show No. 576

Band Titel Item
Peter gabriel Red rain  
Elfonia Hatshepsut New
Elfonia Alma infinita New
Mike Stern Mirage New
Jeff beck JB's blues New
Jeff beck Why Lord oh why? New
Eden Rose Sad dream re-issue
Catapilla It could only happen to me '70
Clepsydra The father  
Band Titel Item
Pendragon Victims of life  
Rush The big money live-tip
B.J.H. Poor man's moody blues  
Final Conflict Stand up  
Genesis Inside and out  
Area Consapevolezza  
Anathema The silent enigma  
Egdon Heath Thousand stories  

Sunday 14 March 2004 Show No. 575

Band Titel Item
Collage Heroes cry  
Proto-Kaw Leaven New
Proto-Kaw Axolotl New
Kit Watkins flying petals New
Kit Watkins Bowels of the agency New
Synergy Legacy Rerelease
White Lion Cry for  freedom live-tip
Band Titel Item
Journey Can't tame the lion  
Knight Area Conspiracy I
Knight Area Interview N
Knight Area The sun also rises T
Knight Area Interview E
Knight Area a New day at last R
Knight Area Interview V
Kaipa a Complex work of art I
The Night watch My yvory soul E

Sunday 7 March 2004 Show No. 574

Band Titel Item
Marillion Emerald Lies  
Michael Ernst Magic New
Michael Ernst On The Run New
Billy Sherwood Empty Castle New
Crack The Sky Safety In Numbers  
Novastar Lend Me Love New
Novastar Still Learning To Fly New
Jethro Tull Black Sunday Rerelease
Band Titel Item
Snowy White Out Of Reach live-tip
Nits Mask live-tip
Jennifer Terran Grand Canyon live-tip
Patrick Moraz Warmer Hands  
Steve Hillage Dervish Riff  
Michael Bassett Exchange (Eye For An Eye) prelisten
Greg Howe Proto Cosmos New
Archive Come To Me 2  
Roger Waters Each Small Candle live-tip