Sunday 25 March 2007 Show No. 730
Band Titel Item
Marathon Medicine man  
Sylvan Signed away Nieuw
Sylvan For one day Nieuw
Sylvan When the leaves fall down Nieuw
Sky Cries Mary Five train Nieuw
Sky Cries Mary Heart above Nieuw
Sky Cries Mary Find a way Nieuw
Threshold Pilot in the sky of dreams Nieuw
Abarax Journey's end Nieuw
Steve Thorne The white dove song  
Band Titel Item
Kamelot Center of the Universe Live-tip
Alan Parsons Project No anwers only questions Release
Alan Parsons Project The naked vulture Release
Ippu - Do Plant's music Remaster
Ippu - Do Moon mirage Remaster
Egg a Visit to Newport Hospital  
The blue nile The second act  
Vangelis Blade runner (end titles)  
Riverside The curtain falls Live-tip

Sunday 18 March 2007 Show No. 729

Band Titel Item
Journey The peace in your heart  
Massimo Izzizzari Freeze frame Nieuw
The Icicle works Reaping the rich harvest Rerelease
The Icicle works Nirvana Rerelease
Asia Wildest dreams  
Solstice Peace  
Alan Parsons Proj. Eye pieces Rerelease
Bond Explosive  
Pink Floyd Welcome to the machine  
Band Titel Item
Supertramp Crazy  
Lou Reed Sad song Live-tip
 Alan Holdsworth Alan Pasqua group San Michelle Live-tip
A.B.W.H. Let's pretend Live-tip
Pendragon Oh diveneo  
Mc donald & Giles Suite in C  
Anathema Flying  

Sunday 11 March 2007 Show No. 728

Band Titel Item
Mike & the Mechanics All I need is a miracle '96  
Van de Graaf Generator Refugees Nieuw
Van de Graaf Generator Killer Nieuw
Alan Parsons Project The naked robot Nieuw
Blackfield Epidemic Nieuw
Blackfield The naked robot Nieuw
Excalibur Sacrifice Nieuw
Excalibur Earth &sky Nieuw
Anathema Flying  
Band Titel Item
Colin Bass Denpasser moon Live-tip
A.C.T. This wonderful world Live-tip
Boston More than a feling In memoriam
Dominici Monster  Nieuw
Dominici  Captured Nieuw
No Man Back when your beautiful  
England Three piece suite Monument

Sunday 4 March 2007 Show No. 727

Band Titel Item
Magnum You'll never sleep  
Magnum  When we are younger  
Silhouette The world is gonna get you Nieuw
Patrick Watson Giver Nieuw
Patrick Watson Sleeping beauty Nieuw
Neal Morse The conclusion Nieuw
Giles, Giles & Fripp Thursday morning Rerelease
Marty Friedman Lovesorrow  
Band Titel Item
Journey Edge of the blade Live-tip
Maggie Reilly You brighten up the darkness Live-tip
Deep Purple You keep on moving Live-tip
Apple Pie Escape Nieuw
Apple Pie Nothing Nieuw
Twelfth night Abacus Preview
High Wheel Open lines