Xymphonia No. 428

6 May 2001



Tempest Captain weird 428 New
Tempest Dance of the sandwitches 428 New
Tempest Iron lady 428 New
Isuldurs Bane Extroversion (phase1) 428 New
Isuldurs Bane Opportunistic medecine 428 New
Isuldurs Bane Extroversion (phase4) 428 New
Isuldurs Bane The asylum 428 New
Torben Enevoldson Time ran out 428 New
Torben Enevoldson Indian summer 428 New
Twin Age How can you dream 428 New
Twin Age The gates will open 428 New
Touch When the spirit moves you 428  
Savatage Jesus saves (live) 428 live-tip
Richard Barbieri Forbidden song 428 New
Steven Wilson Bird shadow, wolf & moon 428 New
I. Mostley&B. Castle The flying scroll 428 New
Eric Norlander Fanfare for the dragon Isle/fly 428 New
Mike Stobbie Exordium (abridged vers.) 428  
Bjornstad / Darling / Rypdal / Christensen The sea II 428  
Atoll Les dieux meme 428  

Xymphonia No. 429

13 May 2001



Echolyn 21 429  
Marillion Quartz 429 New
Marillion When I meet God 429 New
Ambeon Ashes 429 New
Ambeon Surreal 429 New
Glacier Bring down the rain 429 New
Glacier Through the mist…….the city gates 429 New
Cast Ecos 429  
Egdon Heath On a bench 429 New
Egdon Heath Run for life 429 New
National Health Play time 429 New
Uriah Heep Sweet freedom 429 New
Goldfrapp Human 429 New
Nik Kershaw How sad 429 New
Scythe Am I really here? 429