Sunday 29 May 2005 Show No. 638
Band Titel Item
Brother Ape I freak out  
Shadow Gallery Vow  Nieuw
Shadow Gallery Torn Nieuw
Arild Anderson Group The big lie Nieuw
Arild Anderson Group Divine command Nieuw
Presto Ballet The fringes Nieuw
Presto Ballet Bringin' it on Nieuw
Porcupine Tree Always never  
Band Titel Item
Streets Fire  
Echolyn  Mei live-tip
Jean Michel Jarre Fishing junks at sunset  Nieuw
Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene 4 Nieuw
DreamTheater These walls Perview
Steve Hackett Every day Perview
American tears Pennywall  
Under the Sun Breakwater Perview

Sunday 22 May 2005 Show No. 637

Band Titel Item
RenĂ©e High time we went  
Styx Salty dog Nieuw
Styx Locomotive breath Nieuw
Sumitra One life Nieuw
Johnny Warman Screaming jets Rerelea.
Johnny Warman Fantastic light Rerelea.
Ominox Yes ?  
The Gathering Souvinirs Eigen B.
Marillion a Few words for the dead live-tip
Band Titel Item
GTR When the heart rules the mind  
Uhriah Heep Return to fantasy live-tip
Kayak  Ruthless queen live-tip
Sebastiaan Cornelissen Final call live-tip
Landmarq Ta'Jiang  
Morrissey The teachers are afraid of the pupils  

Sunday 15 May 2005 Show No. 636

Band Titel Item
Asia Wildest dreams  
Mostly Autumn Heart life Nieuw
Mostly Autumn Storms over still water Nieuw
Lisa Patterson Roaming Nieuw
Lisa Patterson Want us back Nieuw
Lisa Patterson Like gravity Nieuw
Fritz Doddy Cynical eye Nieuw
Fritz Doddy In the tree Nieuw
Peter Swart Finale / The question Nieuw
Peter Swart Art beware / Apothecary Nieuw
Gregg Rolie Going home  
Band Titel Item
Saga On the air live-tip
Van der Graaf Gen. Crux live-tip
Antony and the Johnsons Deeper than love  
Azoth The last night of summer W.v.M.
Ambrosia Art beware / Apothecary  
Caravan Wher but for Caravan would I?  
Rush In the end  
Shakary Seals  

Sunday 8 May 2005 Show No. 635

Band Titel Item
C.Nolan&O.wakeman Three broken threads  
Tom McRae How the west was won New
Tom McRae Hummingbird song New
David Sancious Kirandeep New
David Sancious The end time and space New
The Tangent The winning game New
Hatfield and the North BBC radio 1 jan 1972 New
Hatfield and the North BBC radio 1 John Peel nov 1974 New
Band Titel Item
Kino Leave a light on  
Roxy Music Ladytron live-tip
the Cinematic Underground Work(carparks&cubicles) New
the Cinematic Underground My dear self New
Pendragon Sister bluebird Reissue
Gong Chandra In memoriam
Tribute I felt like it In memoriam
K2 Chapter 3  
Blue Oyster Cult Last days of may  

Sunday 1 May 2005 Show No. 634

Band Titel Item
Journey La do da  
Engineers New horizons New
Engineers How do you say goodbye New
Brian Godding No more games New
New Grove Project Laughernoon dream New
Isildurs Bane The asylum New
Stomo Yamashta's GoToo Beauty Rerelease
IQ Intelligence quotient  
Band Titel Item
Soul Sirkus Friends 2 lovers New
Soul Sirkus Soul goes on live-tip
Ayreon Cosmic fusion  
Neu Weissensee  
Pi 2 L9 Jazz Rock
Alphataurus La mente vola  
Peter Gabriel Wallflower