Sunday 28 May 2006 Show No. 689
Band Titel Item
J.wetton & G.Downes Paradox / let me go  
Tunnels The 11th hour  
Saga Im OK  
The Flower Kings Monsters & Men  
Tristan Park The cruelest month  
Joe Satrani Ten words live-tip
Uhriah Heep Gypsy live-tip
Band Titel Item
Journey Faith in heartland live-tip
Pavlov's Dog Julia live-tip
Riverside I turned you down live-tip
Roger waters What God wants part III live-tip
Torn/Karn/Bozzio Snail hair dune live-tip
Kayak Ruthles Queen  
Trion The new moon  
Rush La Villa Strangiato  

Sunday 21 May 2006 Show No. 688

Band Titel Item
E.L.P. Peter Gunn  
Sylvan Pane of truth Nieuw
Marc Bonilla Slaughter on memory lane In mem.
Kevin Gilbert Shadow self In mem.
Giraffe  Tired old man In mem.
Toy Matinee Blank page In mem.
Khan Driving to Amsterdam  
Maneige Un certain regard (live)  
Band Titel Item
Galahad Myopia  
Jean Luc Ponty Enigmatic Ocean part I-IV live-tip
Steve Howe Solid ground live-tip
A Triggering Myth her softening sorrow  
Aragon Gabrielle  
Twelfth Night Entropy  

Sunday 14 May 2006 Show No. 687

Band Titel Item
Camel Mother road  
Marotta/Griesgraber Sorrow smiles Nieuw
Marotta/Griesgraber Bad day at Cony Island Nieuw
An Pierlé&White Velvet Tenderness Nieuw
An Pierlé&White Velvet Snakesong Nieuw
Pineapple Thief The blood of your hands Nieuw
Moongarden feat.A Tillison That child Nieuw
Palumbo Hey mister Presedent Nieuw
Palumbo Pop Nieuw
Band Titel Item
Frank Zappa Andy live-tip
P.Hammill with S.Gordon Like Veronica live-tip
The Explorers Prussian blue live-tip
Mick Karn The edge of charm Nieuw
Mangela Vallis The book of dreams live-tip
Magenta Envy live-tip
Satellitte Evening overture live-tip

Sunday 07 May 2006 Show No. 686

Band Titel Item
Survivor Give me the word Nieuw
Survivor Don't Nieuw
Iona Greeenfield of Canada Nieuw
Iona Edge of the world Nieuw
Iona Factory of magnificent souls Nieuw
Peter Swart Krimi Nieuw
Peter Swart The Maestro/Maidreya Nieuw
Secret Oyster  Mind movie Reissue
Maneige La fin de l'Histoire Reissue
Maneige Un certain regard Reissue
Band Titel Item
Surprise The acrobat between the stars  
Tony Levin Shadowland live-tip
Jim Peterik In the days we have Nieuw
Jim Peterik Secrets of a woman Nieuw
Nicolas D'Amato's Royal Society Ratio Nieuw
Apparat Organ Quartet The anguish of space time Nieuw
IQ Awake and nervous  
Aragon Gabrielle  
Anathema Closer