Xymphonia No. 450

14 October 2001



Tandy Morgan Pictures on my pillow 450  
For Absent Friends Cameroon 450 New
For Absent Friends The big room 450 New
Tweaker/Sylvian Linoleum 450 New
Readymade/Sylvian Sugerfuel 450 New
Catte Adams Sleepless 450 New
Catte Adams Back there now 450 New
Laurie Anderson Slip away 450 New
Brand X Deadly Nightshade 450  
Marillion Cathedral wall 450  
Yes Long distance runaround 450 live-tip
Transatlantic Shine on you crazy diamond 450 live-tip
Quidam Warckoze (250th broadcast) 450  
Carlo Mezzanotte & Syntaxis Big land 450 New
Rupert Hine One man's poison 450 Re-release
Flamborough Head Xymphonia (Zwolle) 450 live-recording
Eindtune + rekl. 450  

Xymphonia No. 451

21 October 2001



Asia Remembrance day 451  
Le Orme Vento 451 New
Mike Keneally & Beer for dolphins Pretty enough for girls 451 New
Mike Keneally & Beer for dolphins Taster 451 New
Symphony X Communion and the oracle 451 New
Symphony X Sea of lives 451 New
Henry Fool Lateshow 451 New
Odyssice Frustrations 451 live-tip
Jordan Rudess Crack the meter 451 New
Jordan Rudess Feed the wheel 451 New
Anyone's Daughter Adonis (live) 451 New
The Flower Kings World without a heart 451 live-tip
The Flower Kings Blessing of a smile 451 live-tip

Xymphonia No. 452

28 October 2001



Kayak Boezem   New
Camel Chord Change   New
Camel Sahara   New
Dream Theater Fatal Tragedy   New
Dream Theater Learning To Live   New
La Torre dell'Alchimista Delirio (in do minore)   New
La Torre dell'Alchimista La Torre dell'Alchimista   New
Kansas The Light   New
The December People Carol Of Bells   New
Ars Nova Horla Rising   New
Tarentel Popul Vuh   New
I.E.M. Untitled   New
Magenta The White Witch   New