Sunday 29 October 2006 Show No. 711
Band Titel Item
Carmen Looking outside(my window) Nieuw
Carmen Viva mi sevilla Nieuw
AdiB Spinning like a top Nieuw
Crack the Sky Surf city Nieuw
After the Fire Dream away Re-issue
Fish Raingods dancing  
Straxvalty RMJ  
Band Titel Item
Kayak Closer to the edge live-tip
Lady Lake Wet sounds live-tip
Mr So & So Coup the grace live-tip
Vangelis To the unknown man  
Shawn Phillips See you / Planscape  
Multistory Traveller  
Twin Age The gates will open  

Sunday 22 October 2006 Show No. 710

Band Titel Item
Enchant Paint the picture  
A.C.T. The Millionaire Nieuw
A.C.T. Joanna Nieuw
A.C.T. a Father's love Nieuw
A.C.T. Memory to fight Nieuw
Nemo Si Nieuw
Hectic Watermelon Sacred watershed Nieuw
Hectic Watermelon The third derivate of James Brown Nieuw
House of Lords Mask of eternity Nieuw
House of Lords Your eyes Nieuw
Iona Wind off the lake  
Band Titel Item
Alquin Wheel chair groupie live-tip
Paatos Not a sound live-tip
The Sad Song Co. The last human gateway live-tip
GPS Heaven can wait  
Genesis Feeding the fire NEWS
The Crimson Jazz Trio Starless  
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express Gimme A Funky Break  
Pallas Ghostdancers  

Sunday 15 October 2006 Show No. 709

Band Titel Item
Eloy Master of sensation  
NeBeLNesST Pillars of birth Nieuw
NeBeLNesST De Triumpho Naturae Nieuw
Little Atlas Higher Nieuw
Dreamtheater Sacrificed sons Nieuw
RHISC Sialia dance I Nieuw
Morse/Portnoy/George Feeling stronger everyday Nieuw
Band Titel Item
The Moody Blues I'm just a singer(in a rock and roll band) live-tip
Man On Fire Beast inside  Nieuw
Man On Fire Street Game Nieuw
Steve Miller Band Blue odyssey Remast.
Steve Miller Band Fly like an eagle '73 Remast.
Steve Miller Band The window Remast.
JTB Space cookie Nieuw
The Flower Kings a Vampires view  
Triumvirat E Minor5/9 Minor /5  
Mike Rutherford At the end of the day  

Sunday 8 October 2006 Show No. 708

Band Titel Item
Shooting Star We're not alone Nieuw
Shooting Star What love is Nieuw
The Gift  Word of mouth and heart / Escalation / No one came Nieuw
Fluttr Effect Venus loves hades Nieuw
Fluttr Effect Nowhere Nieuw
Guthrie Govan Erotic cakes Nieuw
Guthrie Govan Hangover Nieuw
Gavin O'Loghlen & The Cornish miners Nieuw
Band Titel Item
Genesis Down and out   
Jennifer Terran The America song live-tip
This Beautiful Mess Song of grace Nieuw
Iona Empyrean Dawn Nieuw
Iona Factory Of Magnificent Souls Nieuw
Mc Gill/Manring/Stevens Nerfertiti Nieuw
Mc Gill/Manring/Stevens Maiden voyage Nieuw
Nits Mask Nieuw
Midge Ure & Kate Bush Sister and brother  

Sunday 1 October 2006 Show No. 707

Band Titel Item
Tristan Park The cruelest month  
Advent GK contramundum Nieuw
Advent Awaiting the call Nieuw
Advent Parrenting parents Nieuw
Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari Quanti Anni Ho Nieuw
Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari Nel Così blu Nieuw
Rupert Holmes Widescreen Rerelease
Rupert Holmes Studio musician Rerelease
IQ Born brilliant Nieuw
IQ Widows peak Nieuw
Band Titel Item
Brother Ape Inside you  
Donald Flagen Brite nitegown live-tip
The long hello The theme from (plunge)  
The Flower Kings Jealousy-What if God is alone Nieuw
Bruford Sahara of snow Nieuw
David Sancious Slight of hand Nieuw
David Sancious The bridge Nieuw