Sunday 1 September 2002 Show No. 496
Band Title Item
  iO top 10
Flamborough Head Daydreams 10
RPWL You 9
Yes Spirit of survival 8
Magalla Valis The book of dreams 7
Pain of Salvation Rope ends 4
Camel Fox Hill 3
Plackband See the dwarf 2
Clepsydra The father 1
Band Title Item
Enchant   5
Iona Realm of the Ravens New
Iona Dunes New
Iona Hearthquake New
Bondage Hermann New
Euson If Rerelease
Caravan a Hunting we shall go Rerelease
Echolyn Mei part one  
Band Titke Item
Alquin Wheelchair Groupie  
Star One The eye of Ra live-tip(6)
Parallel or 90 degrees Embalmed in acid  
Multi Story Through your eyes  
Ketil Bjørnstad White/The anniverary Jazz Rock
Mallard Your face in someone else  
Gerry Leonard Rainy Tuesday  
Sebastian Hardy Openings  

Sunday 8 September 2002 Show No. 497

Band Title Item
Tempus Fugit Daydream  
Threshold Critical mass New
Threshold Falling away New
Duncan Sheik Shine inside New
Tantra Holocausto Rerelease
Moody Blues Forever now  
Peter Gabriel Signal to noise  
Band Title Item
Queensrÿche Reach  
Thomas Flinter Tappster (file another one) Dutch
Ain Soph a Story of mysterious forest Monument
Quasar Fire in the sky  
Ectasy in numbers I'm not a vampire anymore Jazz Rock
Crucis Los delirios del Mariscal  

Sunday 15 September 2002 Show No. 498

Band Title Item
Le Orme L'Equilibrio  
H Band Life on Mars? New
H Band The last thing New
California Guitar Trio Heart of the sunrise New
California Guitar Trio Zundoko Bush New
Spock's Beard Southside of the sky New
Jean-Pierre Alercen Salut Besson  
Sinister Street Two in one  
Band Title Item
The Nice America  
Plackband The hunchback live-tip
Styx Come sail away  
Whoopgnash Tony  
v. Otterdyke Syrensong / Loving you so  
Solstice Morning light  
Grand Stand Waiting for water  

Sunday 22 September 2002 Show No. 499

Band Title Item
Rush Open secrets  
Peter Gabriel Sky blue New
Peter Gabriel The drop New
Porcupine Tree The Creator has a mastertape New
Porcupine Tree Gravity eyelid New
Magellan The great goodnight 10-13 New
Magellan Family jewels New
Pochakaite Malko Funeral  
Band Title Item
Ayreon The decision tree live-tip
Al Steward The news from Spain live-tip
Valancia The barely acceptable truth of knowing I +II  
DFA La via Monument
Vanderhoof Falling to earth  
Quidam No quarter Cover

Sunday 29 September 2002 Show No. 500

Hour One    
Band Title Item
Camel Hymn To Her Live in Den Haag 1982
Mangrove Shades Live Set at The Evenaar
Mangrove Help Me 29 september 2002
Mangrove City At Darkness 29 september 2002
Mangrove Wizard Of Tunes 29 september 2002
Jadis Follow Me To Salzburg Live at Huize Castello 1993
Galleon Untouchable Live At Sub-Rosa 1998
Martin Orford The Last Human Gateway Live at the Evenaar 1997
Hour Two    
Band Title Item
Landmarq Gaya's Waltz Live at MBO College 1995
Flamborough Head Nightlife Live set at the Evenaar
Flamborough Head Old Shoes 29 september 2002
Flamborough Head Limestone Rock 29 september 2002
November Cinema Show Live in the studio 1995
5:01 AM The Changing Die Live at MBO College 1995
Camel After All These Years Nod & a Wink - Japanese version