Sunday 24 September 2006 Show No. 706
Band Titel Item
Happy the Man Stumpy meets the firecracker in stencil forest
Bauer & Metr. Orkest Bouilabaisse of brilliance Nieuw
E.L.O. Fire on high Rerelease
E.L.O. Waterfall Rerelease
Slice of Merlin Mountain  
John McLaughlin Senor Jazz R.
Casino Prey  
Grand Stand Tricks of time  
Procal Harum Whaling stories  
Band Titel Item
Frost * Hyperventilate live-tip
Paatos Hypnotique live-tip
Caravan The love in your eye/To catch me a brother/Subsultus live-tip
E.L.O. Tighrope Rerelease
E.L.O. Mission Rerelease
U i blue Roses artificially made  
Clepsydra Travel of dream  

Sunday 17 September 2006 Show No. 705

Band Titel Item
Boston Someone  
Fogg Café Eternal optimist Nieuw
Fogg Café No regrets Nieuw
Willowglass Remembring Nieuw
Willowglass Tower of the King's daughter Nieuw
E.L.O New world rising / Ocean breakup reprise Rerelease
E.L.O Daybreaker Rerelease
Cairo World divided  
Band Titel Item
White Willow Ghosts  
Gorki Red mijn ziel live-tip
Quidam No quarter live-tip
Shooting Star Last chance  
Lenny White Climax Jazz. R
Iona Brendan's return live-tip
DreamTheater Learning to live  

Sunday 10 September 2006 Show No. 704

Band Titel Item
Yes Love will find a way  
Pictorials Wand Envy prt II - broken glass Nieuw
Pictorials Wand Wrath prt II - The beast Nieuw
Cryptic Vision Common ground Nieuw
Cryptic Vision The space in between Nieuw
Cryptic Vision Merkaba Nieuw
Bolt The devil's paintbrush Nieuw
Bolt Stryker Nieuw
Brighteye Bison All love  
Band Titel Item
Bad English Tough times don't last live-tip
Riverside I turned you down live-tip
Tangerine Dream Bent cold sidewalk  
Derek Sherinian On the moon Nieuw
Derek Sherinian Viking message Nieuw
SBB Walkin' around the stormy bay W.v.M.
Blue Nile Over the hillside  
Genesis The dividing line  

Sunday 3 September 2006 Show No. 703

Camel Special    
Album: A live record Rayader  
Rayader goes to town  
The snow goose  
Album: Never let go Never let go  
Album: Moonmadness Chord change  
Spirit of the water  
Album: Stationary traveller Vopos  
Cloak and dagger man  
Stationary traveller  
Band Titel Item
Mike Oldfield Shadow on the wall  
John Oliva's Pain The answer Nieuw
Irene Orleansky It may take a life Nieuw
Irene Orleansky Karev yom (Come the day) Nieuw
Irene Orleansky Deep within your soul Nieuw
Anathallo Hoodwink Nieuw
Anathallo By number Nieuw
My Brightest Diamond Workhorse Nieuw
Benni Hemm Hemm Beugia og beugia Nieuw
Spock's Beard Go the way you go  
Band Titel Item
Styx One with everything  
IQ Common ground live-tip
The Gathering a Noise severe live-tip
The Moody Blues Question ( alternate Version) Remast.
Tim Pierce One desire Coll.Item
Jeff Wayne Forever autumn  
Jeff Wayne Parson Nathaniel  
National Health Binoculars In Mem.