• Maurice Dam

    The one responsible for maintaining this web-site is MAURICE DAM.
    1970 was a good year. Not only did Genesis release their classic Trespass album and Yes their Yes Album, but I was born as well. At the tender age of 3 years young, I was banging my head to the sounds of the Sweet and Mud, it was quite apparent that music was to make up a large part of my life. I grew up in an environment were music was always around me, the sounds of Steppenwolf or the Doors still buzz in my ears now and then. Developing an own musical taste I discovered Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy and U.F.O., the more melodic side of heavy rock enabling me to develop my air-guitar style. Then a disc with the apt title “Script for a jester’s tear” was released, this was to be my first introduction to progressive music and collecting oddities.
    A friend guided me into the wonderful world of neo-progressive rock and soon the likes of Pallas, Pendragon and IQ were added to my tastes with the more obscure acts in tow along the way. I soon wanted to find out more about the origins of progressive rock and dug into its history. First with the most obvious bands, Yes and Genesis. But soon found out there was more to be discovered. Obscure and forgotten acts from all over the world found their way into my collection (thanks to many aspiring re-issue labels) like the wonderful Garden Shed album by England or Mirthrandir’s lone album. I always kept track of the new and current discoveries and some of the highlights of the nineties for me were Iluvatar, White Willow and Anglegard to name but a few. The Italian school also has a special place in my heart and Le Orme’s stunning live set at Progfest 1996 is one of my most cherished memories. I have travelled all over the world to see favorite bands play live and struck up many cherished friendships. One of the things I loved doing most was running the Dutch IQ fan club and also my involvement in Background, a progressive magazine. This helped to introduce me to a lot of new music. Most currently I have been discovering more singer songwriter based music, trip-hop (Hooverphonic, Portishead) and Post Rock (Godspeed you black emperor!, Tarentel, Sigur Ros). Now where’s my Frans Bauer album…..

    Top 2012:
    1. The Enid - “Invicta” (Operation Seraphim, 2012)
    2. Big Big Train - English Electric pt.1
    3. Marillion - "Sounds That Can't Be Made" (Intact / EAR Music / Edel, 2012)
    4. Anathema - "Weather Systems" (Kscope, 2012)
    5. Mystery - "The World Is A Game" (Unicorn, 2012)
    6. Tom Brislin – Hurry and up smell the roses (Eigen Beheer, 2012)
    7. I and Thou - “Speak” (eigen beheer, 2012)
    8. Astra - “The Black Chord” (Metal Blade, 2012)
    9. Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion (Roadrunner, 2012)
    10. The Gathering - Disclosure (Eigen Beheer, 2012)
    (11.) Anglagard - Viljars ôga (eigen beheer, 2012) (was 10 maar 1punt aftrek !)

    Top 2011:
    1. White Willow – Terminal Twilight (The Laser's Edge / Termo Records)
    2. Discipline - To Shatter All Accord (Strung Out Records)
    3. Yes – Fly From Here (Frontiers)
    4. Comedy of Errors – Disobey (eigen beheer)
    5. Pallas - XXV (Eigen Beheer)
    6. Journey - Eclipse (Frontiers)
    7. DeeExpus - The King Of Number 33 (Racket Records)
    8. Steve Hackett – Beyond The Shrouded Horizon (Wolftone)
    9. Anubis - A Tower Of Silence (eigen beheer)
    10. Iona – Another Realm (Open Sky)

    Maurice's all-time Concert Highlights:
    1. Nearfest 2000 - Happy The Man’s return
    1st Marillion Weekend at Port Zelande
    2. Progscape 1995, Progfest 1996
    Loreley Festival 1987 (my first Marillion concert)
    3. IQ – London Marquee 1995
    Marillion – Brave at Paradiso 1994
    Camel – Enshede 1992
    David Sylvian – Amsterdam 1995
    4. Sigur Ros – Amsterdam 2001
    Anekdoten – Brussels 1996 (in an old carpet shop)
    Steve Hogarth – Amsterdam 1997
    Porcupine Tree – Den Bosch 1995
    5. Quasar – Amsterdam 1989
    Spock’s Beard – Hengelo 1999
    Iona - Somewhere in Germany 1998