• René Yedema

    RENÉ is our main studio technician making sure the music gets on air properly. His specialty is making perfect segues between tracks.
    As far as I remember my musical life started at the kindergarten with “Peter And The Wolf”. Later I discovered the very small collection of classical LP’s from my father, where Tsjaikovsky became a favourite. On the radio The Beatles ruled, but I never became a real fan. In secondary school-time things began to develop: first I heard the old Pink Floyd, The Who and Simon & Garfunkel. Later more symphonic bands came in the picture, like Supertramp, Solution and of course Genesis. I also became a jazz-rock-fan, especially when I came in touch with the music of Allan Holdsworth.
    New Wave was something completely different, but it had more similarities with symphonic rock than one might expect. I read a lot about music (remember Muziekkrant OOR) and was very pleased when I discovered Sym Info, that later became SI Magazine. After they had published a couple of critical letters and a file about one of my favourite bands, Crack The Sky, I had written, they asked me to become a reviewer. That was 1992 and although the magazine is now called iO Pages, I’m still writing for it and love it every time when I get a package with new CD’s. In 1993 there was a small ad in SI, in which a progressive rock-radioprogram, called Xymphonia, asked for a new co-worker. I was selected and have become one of the team-members since then. Over the years I’ve listened to and became interested in many music-styles beside progressive rock, jazz-rock, New Wave and classical music. Every time I discover an artist or band I didn’t know before and I hear something new, daring of something else that touches me, I’m excited. That’s what makes music so much fun, every day again. And there’s so much to discover yet!

    Top 2012

    1. Choir Of Young Believers - Van "Rhine Gold" (Ghostly International, 2012)
    2. Di Tollo, Maurizio - Van "L'Uomo Trasparente" (AMS/BTF.IT, 2012)
    3. Former Life, The - Van "Electric Stillness" (Eigen Beheer, 2012)
    4. Grice - Van "Propeller" (Hungersleep Records, 2012)
    5. Kompendium - Van "Beneath The Waves" (7Stones Records, 2012)
    6. Dalis Car - Van "InGladAloneness" (51 Records/MK Productions, 2012)
    7. Argos - Van "Cruel Symmetry" (Progressive Promotion Records, 2012)
    8. Lo-Fi Resistance - Van "Chalk Lines" (Burning Shed, 2012)
    9. Hogarth, Steve & Richard Barbieri - Van "Not The Weapon But The Hand" (Kscope, 2012)
    10. Wackerman, Chad - Van "Dreams Nightmares And Improvisations" (Eigen Beheer, 2012)

    Top 2011:
    1. Jakszyk, Fripp And Collins - A Scarcity Of Miracles (Panegyric)
    2. Immram - The Voyage Of The Corvus Corrone (Escape Artists Recordings)
    3. Brett Garsed - Dark Matter (eigen beheer)
    4. Man On Fire - Chrysalis (10T Records)
    5. Sarah Fimm - Near Infinite Possibility (eigen beheer)
    6. Airbag - All Rights Removed (Karisma Records)
    7. Theo Bleckmann - Hello Earth! – The Music Of Kate Bush (Winter & Winter)
    8. Herd Of Instinct - Herd Of Instinct (Firepool Records)
    9. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Diamond Mine (Domino Recording)
    10. Toshimi Project - 1st Gear (ZiZo/Shiosai)

    Allan Holdsworth
    Genesis (especially the period 1970-1977)
    Happy The Man
    Kevin Gilbert
    Japan (including Solo)
    The Sound
    Crack The Sky
    Scott Henderson & Gary Willis/
    Tribal Tech
    Nick Drake
    Bill Bruford
    Isildurs Bane
    Pink Floyd (especially the seventies)
    stop me, because there is so many

    Happy The Man (NEARfest 2000)
    Genesis (Ahoy, 1977)
    Isildurs Bane (Vervier, 2000)
    Solution (must be 1976)
    all Allan Holdsworth-concerts
    (in the 80’s, 90’s and this new century)
    Marillion (1984/5?- it was before Misplaced Childhood came out)
    Midnight Oil (1985)
    David Sylvian (2001)
    all Scott Henderson-concerts